Bear’s Racing and Automotive Repair has a rich history built upon the legacy of the shop’s owner. Bear’s performance career began in the late 1960’s, during which time he innovated performance parts configurations and fine-tuning, eventually earning the title of the winningest Volkswagen racer in history. Through the shop, he is able to share 45 years of knowledge and wisdom with the Big Island Ohana.

In addition to basic engine parts, we also stock carb parts, performance parts, and anything else you need to get your project going. Here’s a list of some of the specialized services we offer:


  • New engine builds (full spectrum from stock to exotic racing engines)
  • Engine and parts rebuilds (stock, performance street, and drag racing)
  • Carb rebuild, modification, and tuning (we have an in-house soda blaster for carb bodies)
  • Machine shop
  • Dyno services
  • Cylinder head work, guides, valve jobs, surface and bore heads
  • Case work, line bore and clearance
  • Installation of case covers and full flow
  • Custom piston matching and valve notching
  • Custom camshafts – flat tappet and roller cam profiles
  • Vanagon engine rebuilds (stock and bore, custom camshafts, etc)
  • Vanagon manual and automatic transaxle rebuilds and new installation (swing axle, IRS, bus, and water-cooled models)


If you are in need of something not on this list, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. Mahalo!


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